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Incredible Seraj - Thachi, Shetadhar & Janjehli Sponsored

Thachi, Himachal Pradesh, India | Shetadhar, Himachal Pradesh, India & Janjehli, Himachal Pradesh, India

  • The Best Choice Customized tour
  • Duration 5N/6D
  • Group Size 8 people


"Embark on a journey of discovery with the "Incredible Seraj" tour package. This 5-night 6-day (5N/6D) tour will take you to the breathtaking landscapes of Seraj, where you'll explore the beauty of Thachi, Shetadhar, and Janjehli.

Throughout the tour, you'll be staying in comfortable accommodations, with all meals included in the cost of the tour. You'll also have a private taxi at your disposal, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience without worrying about transportation.

The tour package cost per person per night is 1799 INR.

Explore the hidden gems of Seraj and create memories that will last a lifetime with the "Incredible Seraj" tour package. Book now to secure your spot on this unforgettable journey."


  • With our Incredible Seraj Tour Package, you will experience the best of Seraj Valley. From picturesque Thachi Valley to zigzag mounts of Shetadhar, and modern Janjehli you will make memories for a lifetime. We are a group of Hospitality and Tourism Industry professionals who have a passion to serve better. With Seraj Tourism's Incredible Seraj package, you will be enjoying each and every moment.
  • Experience the rich Seraji lifestyle (Theth Seraji). With our Incredible Seraj Tour Package, we let you experience the rich Pahari lifestyle aka Theth Seraji lifestyle. You will be amazed to experience traditional Seraji Culture.
  • Enjoy the religious journey, and capture the memories. Shree Vitthu Narayan Temple in Thachi Valley, Shetadhar Temple in the Seraj Valley, and Janjehli will help you release the stress and enjoy your time and journey.


The very first step is healthy preparation for the tour. Make sure you prepare for the tour in a better way. Seraj Valley is cold in winter and normal in the summer. Make sure to pack the extra clothes, equipment, and gadgets as per the requirements. We will be offering in-house articles as per the hospitality standards and as described in our policies. We won't be able to serve you personal articles of clothing and gadgets. Make sure to prepare and discuss with the team. If you need more clarification, please reach out to us at support@serajtourism.in In simple, the temperature goes up to -8 degrees celsius in the winter, and up to 25 degrees Celsius in the summer. So, prepare yourself accordingly.

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