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Shree Dev Shaitinag Origin Story, All you need to know about Dev Shetinag

Shree Dev Shaitinag Origin Story, All you need to know about Dev Shetinag

  • Seraj Tourism Team
  • 16/11/2022
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The temple (Kothi) of the ancient deity of the Seraj Valley, Shatinag, is set in the village of Boong in the Salwan region of the Balichowki Tehsil. The distance from Mandi district headquarters by its road is about 135 km. And in the temple of this ancient deity, the pawns are placed.

There is a legend about the origin of the deity Shetinag. It is said that a shepherd person from the Katdara (कटदरा) family from the village Katwanu used to graze sheep in Shiatdhar. One day he took the sheep to rest where today the temple of the deity Shetinag is located and he started to rest there. After getting sleepy, he realized Divine Power (Dev Shakti) in his dream. Shri Dev Shiatinag introduced himself to the shepherd and said my temple should be built there. He also said that when you take the sheep back home, do not look back.

After waking up from sleep, the shepherd started returning with the sheep and on the way forward, his number of sheep also started increasing. The number of sheep became very large and as the movement increased, he could not keep up with it and he turned and looked back near the Jogi stone. On seeing back, all the sheep that grew from the power of Dev Shetinag were transformed into the form of stones which are still present with Bhaun (भाऊण) of Jogani.

On reaching home, he narrated this story to the people and after that, people of the same place built a temple. After this, the pawn of the deity was also prepared. This pawn was kept in Karandi (A Pahari-style basket) and the Gur of Madhah (मधाह) village were given the responsibility of looking after it. The chariot of the deity Shetinag was also prepared after centuries. The pawn aka Mohra in the chariot was built by Thar (ठार) Sithu-Vithu of Khadool village. This chariot is called Cheli and now the deity revolves around the borders. the deity was named Shiyati Nag or Shetinag due to his appearance in Shiat Dhar.

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