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Thachi Valley of God tour guide | A full travel guide to Thachi Valley of God

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  • 16/11/2022
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Himachal Pradesh is considered a paradise if you want to see the best state of nature, such as hilly mountains, dense forests, high peaks, etc. However, most people visit the commonplaces of the state like Dalhousie, Rohtang, Manali, Spiti, etc, which is beyond the weight of every person.

If you are looking for a completely cut-off destination from the quiet, monotonous, and deaf world, to suit your budget. A place that is surrounded by the mountains of Worfile, waterfalls, lush green meadows, terraced fields, dense forest, and natural beauty all around, Thachi Valley is the answer.

Located in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, the very beautiful Thachi Valley is waiting for tourists to welcome. You will find everything you are looking for in Thachi Valley. It is only natural to see a lifestyle change when the solitude comes with beautiful views and fresh air gusts. The same thing reflects the Thachi Valley, a small valley in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, which is no less than a paradise. This place is about 480 kilometers from Delhi.

Unlike other hill stations, where treks start at a specific point. In Thachi Valley, you can start right from the door of your homestay or house. The first stop here is the Bithu Narayan Temple. Located very close to the local bus stand, this temple hosts the Fagali festival once every four years. It is a seven-day program with traditional customs and music and dance. From here, hiking will take you to the next stop of Thachi Valley.

The trail leads through several apple orchards and terraced fields to the Hadimba temple in Thachi Valley. Situated on a peak and surrounded by lush green forests, the view from here is breathtaking. This Pagoda-style building sits atop a meadow and is a fine example of superb Himachali craftsmanship.

The Chunjwala peak in Thachi valley is at an altitude of 9,800 feet, with cedar trees scattered all around. It is about 5 km from Hadimba temple and the entire trek, including the descent, is spread over a day. Since it is not yet a thriving tourist destination, there are no cafes or magpie points along the way. The only source of water here comes from melting glaciers, so you should carry enough water and snacks to finalize the trip.

Another unique place to stop is near the Ropa temple in Thachi Valley. With slate stone roofs mounted on wooden columns, this unique temple complex sits amidst cedar forests and is a quiet, secluded place.

You can trek from Kau village on your way back and check out the traditional Himachal houses there. If your guide has contacts here, you can also stop at home and enjoy a simple Pahari Style lunch.

If you have another day, don't forget to visit the Beed Plateau. It is a high-altitude meadow and as you are paving your way, you can close the pits at various ponds and waterfalls. The most famous of these are the Gunbe and Ashu Alli Falls.

Although it is open all year round, August is an ideal time to visit Thachi Valley as it is the ripening season of the apple in the gardens. If you want to experience snowfall in Thachi Valley, you can also go there during winter.

There are not many hotels or houses available in Thachi Valley, so you should proceed to book a room or a cottage. Most of the accommodations at Thachi Valley are very simple, so don't expect too many amenities.

While Thachi Valley is an excellent location for solo tripping, it is always advisable to find a guide for your trek. This is because the place is unlike other commercial hill stations. If you get lost, you may have difficulty finding your way.

How to reach Thachi Valley?

By Road:

Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh connects to major cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Manali, or Shimla by bus. On reaching Mandi, you can easily reach Thachi by local bus. You can easily reach Thachi Valley from nearby cities like Kullu Manali or Shimla by bus taxi or rental car. The road is quite visible or in good condition.

Railroad track:

The nearest railway station to Mandi city is the Jogindernagar railway station. Which is about 55 km from Mandi. Two passenger trains stop at this station via Pathankot.

By Air:

The nearest airport to Thachi Valley is Bhuntar Airport. It is located about 59 km away from Kullu. This airport is connected to Shimla, Chandigarh, and Delhi. From here, there are bus or taxi services to Thachi Valley which are available near the airport.

Thachi Valley Wikipedia

Thachi Valley is the most beautiful, and unexplored tourism destination in the Seraj Valley of Himachal Pradesh. Thachi Valley is still following traditional, and rich Pahari culture. The people of Thachi Valley are innocent and honest. While you are traveling to the Thachi Valley of Himachal Pradesh, do not expect many luxury homestays, and restaurants. Thachi Valley is till now a hidden gem that Is being explored by travelers. For travelers who are interested in natural things, nature, and a fresh environment, Thachi is the most recommended place. Thachi Valley lies in mountains with Pahari culture in the air, while you are traveling, make sure to contact local service providers, hire a local guide, and enjoy the beauty of the Thachi Valley.

Thachi Valley location

Thachi Valley is located in the Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh. The full address for the Thachi Valley is Thachi Valley, Thachi, Himachal Pradesh - 175121

Thachi Valley is well known by local service providers like Thachi Valley of God, Thachi Valley Home Stay, Him Kalash Home Stay, and others. The address for all the service providers in Thachi Valley is mentioned below:

Thachi Valley of God location

Thachi Valley of God is the initiative of a youngster group where all of them are promoting rich Pahari culture using social handles. Thachi Valley of God helps travelers to get accurate information about Thachi Valley along with rich information about Pahari culture, and dev culture. Thachi Valley of God is the Tourist Information Centre in Thachi Valley. Thachi Valley of God is located at Dadwas, Thachi, Himachal Pradesh - 175106

Seraj Valley Home Stay location

Seraj Valley Home Stay is the most popular, and friendly homestay in Seraj Valley. This homestay has served hundreds of people. Seraj Valley Home Stay is located in a village called Seri in Thachi Valley. Seraj Valley Homestay is managed by Mr. Ghanshyam and his family. You can contact Mr. Ghanshyam for any travel information, a trip to other places, and more. The manager of Seraj Valley Home Stay, Mr. Ghanshyam is very responsive. He is friendly and helpful. You can contact Seraj Valley Home Stay using phone calls, or internet chat.

The contact number for Seraj Valley Home Stay is 98053 74453. The exact location of Seraj Valley Home Stay is Vill. Seri, Thachi, Himachal Pradesh - 175121

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