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Mnrega Park Murhag at Seraj Valley

Mnrega Park Murhag at Seraj Valley

  • Seraj Tourism Team
  • 16/11/2022
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In the lap of Mata Baglamukhi, covered with artificial attractions, natural giftings, and modern amenities, Mnrega Park Murhag at Seraj valley is great en, joyful, and charming tourist destination. Developed by the Mnrega laborers, this park is the fir first-ranked in the category. This park is developed by local people for their mutual welfare of themselves by promoting green tourism. People from different parts of India are visiting this park for beautiful memories.

The idea behind Mnrega park Murhag at Seraj Valley

God has distributed gifts around the globe. This is the perception, positive thinking, and grand attitude which resulted in a superstitious way and formed Mnrega Park Murhag at Seraj Valley. Gram Pradhan and Mr. Tejender Thakur took this initiative and did hard work and the result is in front of our eyes as Mnrega Park Murhag. This park is the result of the full dedication of Mr. Tejender Pal Thakur. He has been awarded by the Prime Minister of India for this great work. Along with the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh Mr. Jairam Thakur, DC Mandi, and SDM Thunag praised him for his dedicated work. Have a look at this official video of the Himachal Pradesh Government.

Why is Mnrega Park Murhag at Seraj Valley a great initiative?

This park is a great initiative because it emerged and transformed hidden tourist destinations in Seraj Valley. Mnrega Park Murhag at Seraj Valley attracted travelers, tourists, and excursionists. Due to this local people are getting several ways to earn money. This park offers a variety of innocent and cool features like a toy train, an artificial lake, an awesome water shower, and other things. To maintain safety and other measures, the staff has been assigned and all of them are getting paid for their honest work. From a tourism point of view, Mnrega Park Murhag at Seraj Valley is a joyful location, helping local people to earn and grow by selling local products.

Attractions at Mnrega Park Murhag at Seraj Valley

There are several attractions at Mnrega Park Murhag at Seraj Valley. Let's start from the beginning :)

The main gate at Mnrega Park Murtagh

The main gate of Mnrega Park Murhag at Seraj Valley is awesome. This is a superstitious and elegant welcome gate whitehat been designed in such a way that you will feel yourself in heaven.

Toy train and hanging-stages

Chhuck-Chhuck-Railgaadi! Enjoy toy trains with family, friends, and loved ones. Mnrega Park Murhag at Seraj Valley has a surprise for you i.e. Toy Train. Powered by electricity, the toy train will give you a feeling of love, and joy. There is a total of four seats in one box. Sit, relax, and enjoy your time with your loved ones.

Charming water shower

Are you love birds? Mnrega Park Murhag at Seraj Valley has a beautiful surprise for you. A beautiful and charming water shower has been placed here by the management. This shower is round, with inbuilt sparkling lights. This scenario can be seen at night. And one can express his/her magic words in front of loved ones. Not only for love Birds, this charming, and beautiful sparkling shower is open for everybody, no restrictions applied.

Mata Baglamukhi Temple

Near Mnrega Park Murhag, a divine power exists. Devotees from different locations come here. With the blessings of Mata Baglamukhi, everyone stays happy here. This place is all cool and calm with divine powers that transmit positive energy in your body.

Artificial Lake

Explore the world inside water. With family friends and loved ones, you will feel awesome.

How to reach Mnrega Park Murhag at Seraj Valley?

There are several ways from different destinations. From the city center to this park, or a village to this park, below are the to-the-point details.

1. Reach Mnrega Park Murhag at Seraj Valley from Chhoti Kashi Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

  • Take a bus/taxi/own vehicle from Mandi. Choose the best travel track via Pandoh or Nerchowk. For a quick trip, we recommend the way via Pandoh.
  • While crossing the main market Pandoh, at the end select the upper route. A flex is placed here, mentioning Janjehli, Thunag, the way to Shikari Devi, etc.
  • Cross the route to Kandha, and enter the very beautiful and well-decorated road to Seraj Center.
  • While you cross Bagsaid, you will find several advertisements about Mnrega Park Murhag at Seraj Valley. Bharadi road track will be in front of you.
  • Follow the beautiful road and reach a beautiful, charming, and unforgettable destination Mnrega Park Murhag at Seraj valley.

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