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Explore Thachi, Thachi Valley of God

Explore Thachi, Thachi Valley of God

  • Seraj Tourism Team
  • 16/11/2022
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A short summary of Thachi Valley

Famous for awesome natural beauty, traditional culture, historical places, peaceful leisure, awesome snowfall, and the biggest apple production center in Seraj Valley, Thachi is the most attractive tourist destination for tourists to explore. Thachi, commonly known as Thachi Valley, or The Valley of God offers rich travel attractions for any age group of fellows. Blessed with the power of Dev Bitthu Narayan, the Thachi Valley of God is growing dramatically. Dev Bitthu Narayan is the topmost priority of people residing in Thachi Valley. No one can go against Dev Bitthu Narayan. Because it has been said that Dev Bitthu Narayan laid the foundation of the whole Thachi Valley. Thachi Valley is famous for its rich culture. People at Thachi Valley are following traditional culture which was started by their ancestors. Travelers who stood here call Thachi Valley "The Unspoken Valley Trek of Himachal Pradesh."

About Thachi: Thachi Valley of God

Thachi Valley is located in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. Covered with natural beauties, and traditional culture, Thachi Valley keeps a topmost place in the Seraj region. Thachi is a place powered by the rich historical stories, monuments, and divine powers of Dev Bitthu Narayan. The main occupation of people from Thachi Valley is agriculture, earning from tourism activities, and Govt. services. The innocent Thachi and innocent people define Thachi as "The Valley of God".Thachi Valley is endowed with the divine powers of Dev Bitthu Narayan. Thachi Valley is also famous for Apples. That's what the valley of God Thachi is also called Apple Valley. People declared the apple farming business as their bright career. People of Thachi Valley say "Sev Hai To Jahan Hai", which means Apples are everything to the people of Thachi Valley. Before tourism activities, Thachi Valley was dependent on the apple farming business and agricultural activities. Dev Bitthu Narayan, Mata Hidimba, and Dev Chunjwala are the most well-known deities of Thachi Vally. Every year people from Thachi Valley celebrate a traditional function called Faagli and Dev Chunjwala Hoom. Thachi Valley is famous for its natural beauties, best explored and unexplored places, winter snowfall, peaceful leisure, apples, and also famous for the oldest Govt. School. Thachi is also known as the biggest empire in the Mandi district's history. From Thalout to didder, Garhal as well, Thachi was the biggest hub.

Thachi Valley of God

Traditional Thachi

People at the Thachi Valley of god adopt the old culture and also promote their best traditional culture to new generations. The first priority of the Thachi Valley is to adopt old cultural aspects and traditions. Faagli, a well-known and popular festival that lasts for seven days is an example of the traditional Thachi. Rules declared by Dev Bitthu Narayan are to be set in stone.

Faagli - The most popular festival of the Thachi Valley of God

People say the Faagli festival is as same as Ramayana. Masks of Lord Hanumaan and other items are available. People from Thachi Valley used to wear all these according to the task assigned. Faagli festival is the most entertaining, and mind-boggling traditional masterpiece.

Thachi Hoom or Dev Chunjwala Hoom

This traditional fair/festival is celebrated once a year in Dev Chunjwala's place at Chunjwala Dhar under Thachi Valley. Thachi Hoom falls in the month of August. After Chunjwala Hoom, Thachi Fair falls which lasts for a maximum of four days. After every seven years, Dev Chunjwala comes here.

Popular destinations at Thachi Valley of God

Dev Bitthu Narayan Temple Thachi: Away just 200 meters from Bus Stand Thachi, Dev Bitthu Narayan Temple is the most attractive place to visit in Thachi Valley. It only takes a few minutes to reach Dev Bitthu Narayan Temple from Thachi Bus Stand. The entrance to the Thachi Valley is also from the Dev Bitthu Narayan temple. This temple was designed and decorated by a sixteen years old boy. When he completed the construction of the temple, he started thinking that he made a very beautiful temple, and he will start making more beautiful temples than he made. And suddenly after his greedy thinking, he disappeared.

Mata Hidimba Temple Thachi: It takes only 15-20 minutes to reach this temple by a zigzag path, 30 minutes by road (walking), and 15 minutes by road if you have a car or other vehicles.

Snaun (सनउन): One hour away from the Thachi bus stop, Snaun is known as a historical place in the Thachi Valley. This place is the cleanest place in Thachi Valley. No dirty activities are entertained here. There are small lakes and natural water resources which never consumed even on hot days in May and June. It has been said that Dev Bitthu Narayan's sculpture was found there at first. There is a story in vogue that there was a shepherd at Thachi Valley who used to come here on daily basis. The Shephard was Chamaar by Karma. Suddenly he found that his cow is not giving milk and her udder is empty. Shephard searched for the same. Suddenly he found that milk was dropping automatically on a spot where the cow was standing. And one day, the shepherd started digging there and found Dev Bitthu Narayan's sculpture. Shephard lifted the sculpture of Dev Bitthu Narayan towards a place called Khalwach (खलवाच). Suddenly he tired and sat down there. There were two ladies one from Khalwach and the other a daughter-in-law. Shephard asked for help from these two ladies. The lady from Khalwach village denied the request due to his (shepherd) category while the daughter-in-law who was new to the village helped the shepherd. A Damnation was popular in past, that ladies who will marry in Khalwach will achieve milestones while the daughter of the village will go through difficult tasks. But nowadays, this sign convention is no more alive. Meanwhile, shepherded started walking towards Bitthu Narayan's Temple Thachi. as every location was dark except the way towards the temple. When he reached Bitthu Narayan's Temple at Thachi and kept sculptures there. When he tried to pull the sculpture, he failed and resulting in today's Bitthu Narayan sculpture.

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