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Shetadhar: An Incredible Place to Explore

Shetadhar: An Incredible Place to Explore

  • Seraj Tourism Team
  • 16/11/2022
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Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Shetadhar is a place powered by divine powers having incredible sites to explore. An unexplored tourist destination with beautiful sights, Shetadhar attracts people from all around the globe. Divine powers also attract people who have faith in God. Covered with zig-zag mountains, this place becomes incredible. For tourism, Shetadhar is completely unreliable.

Shetadhar is an incredible place to explore. Blessed by the divine power of God ShetiNag, Shetadhar is becoming the most popular destination for travelers. Mountains, nature, sight scenes, and divine powers make it easier for the traveler to stay here for a long time. At Shetadhar, the temple of God ShetiNag, which is called the main attraction is open every day. Several local people come here to thank God or sometimes to fulfill their wishes through Dev Shetinag. It has been seen that every wish fulfills the great love of Dev Shetinag. 

Dev Shetinag

Dev Shetinag with public gathering

Near the temple of Dev Shetinag, some other divine places are located like Jogi Patthar, Spehani Temple, Spehani Dhar, Bhuj Temple, and the Most famous Jogni Mata. Jogni Mata is located in a place that offers a grand way to the temple of Dev Shetinag. Devotee from all around offers flowers, a thread of faith. And devotees get lots of love in return.

On the right side of Shetadhar, Jogi Patthar is located. This destination is famous for divine powers. It has been said that deities come here to clean themselves. According to local people, this place has medicinal properties too. There is a story behind this fact. Many many ago, there was a shepherd who was with his assets. Somehow while walking he fell and the fingers of his both hands got separated. He rubbed his hands with green grass and a miracle happened, he got all his fingers as they were. Along with that, there is a story about the name of this place. Our elders said that the name of this place appeared after a Yogi stood here. 

Jogi Patthar in Shetadhar

Jogi Patthar at Shetadhar

We are sharing some bullet points that why Shetadhar will attract you;

It's a divine place fulfilled with divine powers.

Unexplored, a fully virgin place for tourists to go.

Nature, climate, and mountains will attract you immediately.

Facts, stories, and sight scenes! It offers you peace from the inside.

Know the divine powers, explore, capture, and make memories.

While its snows, you will fall in love with the place, see a picture below


Snow at Shetadhar

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